So, last summer I have embarked on, with the gracious help of my part-time mentor and full-time cousin Dr. Kasie Whitener (who will also be posting herein), of story-telling. In this blog, we’re aiming at analyzing twelve books over the course of twelve weeks. The setup is based on theme and genre. Every three weeks is assigned one fiction novel, one biography, and one craft book (on the craft of writing/story-telling).

However, this quickly fell off the rails because I am terrible at keeping up habits. I was supposed to be posting about the correlations between books and their relation to some theme, specifically addressing specific events/incidents that influenced the characters in the books, how characters are changed by the events they experience, the choices characters make given their circumstances, and how those choices support or betray the characters’ values. This, though awesome, became overwhelming.

So, now this has become a sort of dumping-ground for different posts concerning the same sorts of things. Eventually I’ll adapt it to fit these parameters (maybe) but for now, just follow myself and any contributors as we aim at exploring what it means to be a story-teller: the ways we use specific nuances or techniques to tell about a character’s journey, about society, about how different critical pieces are in conversation with literature, etc.

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